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  1. moonman (moonman)'s status on Sunday, 10-Mar-2019 00:48:28 UTC moonman moonman is shutting down forever. Effective: soon-ish.

    I know this goes against what I said, however circumstances changed.

    * The SPC Pleroma migration caused several problems. Problems I don't have the energy to fix for future migrations. Federation is hard, kids, respect people like Lain, Kaniini, Mmn, and Gargron.

    * The site accumulated even more problems than I had anticipated having to deal with.

    I am very sorry to the handful of people left semi-regularly using the site.

    If you have an account on Freezepeach, even a dormant one, and want either an archive of your posts, or your follower list in a format you can import into Pleroma or Mastodon, please contact me at

    There has been a request to convert the site to a static format. This may happen.