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  1. cool_boy_mew (coolboymew)'s status on Sunday, 03-Feb-2019 21:21:32 UTC cool_boy_mew cool_boy_mew
    A friend suggested I try Badoo to try to find someone. I tried it for the heck of it and oh god... This is basically normie hell, almost the same girls doing the same poses, liking the same things. I kinda expected this, but this is even worse than expected

    >Low 20s, already have one-two children and are celibate right now. Not a rarity either, lol fuck that

    >Nobody seemed to have any individuality or any concrete hobbies or passion

    > Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber and the likes as interests. Not rare either. People legitimately listen to this shit?

    >If I see ONE MORE fucking snapchat filter I'm gonna go fucking ballistic

    What a disaster

    @guizzy Dude, une fille a mit "La poule aux oeufs d'or" comme interêt ...

    CC: @coolboymew