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  1. Fëanor 💎💎💎 (detectivehyde)'s status on Friday, 01-Feb-2019 16:40:14 UTC Fëanor 💎💎💎 Fëanor 💎💎💎
    @Epsiloco Yeah I have a few doujins of her hard copy

    In 2007 I had all the staff and customers on an entire floor of.... Toranoana? Melonbooks? I forget which one, searching for doujins of Konata's dad fucking her.

    Nobody could believe they didn't exist. It seemed like such an oversight.

    I managed "SUMIMASEN... DOKO WA... KONATA TO OTOU-SAN DOUJINSHI... DESU KA?" in my gaijin mangle and before I knew it, apron-clad store clerks and fat otaku alike were scouring the shelves. Lots of "desho?? Desho???" in disbelief. Eventually a stereotypical sweaty guy gave me 3 doujins of Konata getting nailed by her dad.

    Good times.